Albert Bridge is located in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, alongside the Mira River. At one time, Albert Bridge was known as Mira Ferry, based on the fact that a small ferry would cross the river regularly. Albert Bridge became the name of the town after the ferry was replaced in 1849 with a bridge. The bridge acts to connect the two sides of the community together. Albert Munro, son of William Henry Munro, is the man Albert Bridge was named after. Albert Bridge is located just 16.5 km (10.3 mi.) north of Louisbourg.

In summer months, Albert Bridge is a tourism spot, especially for activities such as swimming in the Mira River, as well as boating and canoeing on the river. The Mira River Provincial Park is a beautiful slice of land near both Sydney and the Louisbourg Fortress, and includes activities such as swimming, fishing, water sports, canoeing and boating, as well as walking trails and camping. The Union Church in nearby Mira Ferry is the oldest Presbyterian Church in all Cape Breton. Built in 1857, this church is a historical sight that shouldn't be missed.

Albert Bridge accommodations include cottages.

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