The beautiful seaside town of Bay St. Lawrence is located on the northern most tip of all Nova Scotia, atop Cape Breton Island, north of the stunning Cape Breton Highlands National Park and west of Cape North. Bay St. Lawrence was first inhabited by Europeans in the 1830s, as Daniel Driscoll is the first recorded settler to arrive in the Bay St. Lawrence area. An influx of mice at Bay St. Lawrence in 1842 nearly destroyed the local agriculture industry. Bay St. Lawrence is precisely 199 km (123.7 mi.) north of Sydney.

Bay St. Lawrence is home to glorious beaches and a captivating coastline. Numerous hiking trails run through the woodlands around Bay St. Lawrence, offering visitors a chance to see all the pretty scenery from inside of it. Bay St. Lawrence features boat tours, such as riding on a replica of the Spray vessel, as well as deep-sea fishing, watching the sunset and the sunrise, bird-watching, and seeing the whales and all other types of animals in their beautiful habitats. Bay St. Lawrence is a quiet, relaxing, scenic place to unwind, either by fishing in the ocean of kicking your feet up at the beach.

Bay St. Lawrence accommodations include beautiful seaside motels.

Burton's Sunset Oasis Housekeeping Motel
105 Money Point Rd
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