Bayswater is a part of Lunenburg County, and is situated in the St. Margaret's Bay/Peggy's Cove region. Bayswater can be reached via the scenic Lighthouse Route, and is 70.6 km (43.9 mi.) west of Halifax. Bayswater is more internationally known for being the site of the horrific 1998 Swissair plane crash that claimed the lives of 229 passengers. A memorial exists today just outside Bayswater. If positives can be found, one might be the tremendous amount of support local rescue works and families showed in the aftermath of one of Canadian history's worst plane crashes.

Bayswater is also renowned for its natural beauty, as well as a splendid beach. The Bayswater Beach Provincial Park consists mostly of pure white sand, a picnic area, barbeque pits, change rooms and picturesque scenery in every direction. A shallow freshwater pond provides younger children with a more suitable alternative, as they can swim in this lovely, protected stream. Bayswater also offers historical buildings, the All Saints Church and various outdoor activities.

Bayswater accommodations include cottages.

Seafarer's Cottage
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