Boutiliers Point, a small community, is part of the Halifax Regional Municipality, on the northern shores of St. Margaret's Bay. Boutiliers Point was first settled upon by Jacques Boutilier in 1752, and as a result, the town is named after him. In fact, many residents in Boutiliers Point still have the last name of Boutilier. Industries in Boutiliers Point consist mostly of fishing, as many residents today commute to Halifax for work. Boutiliers Point is positioned 37.5 km (23.3 mi.) west of Halifax, traveling on the St. Margaret's Bay route (Highway 3).

Boutiliers Point exhibits wonderful oceanfront views, as it is situated on the glorious Lighthouse Route. Boutiliers Point offers the Four Winds Charters, either for relaxing and enjoying the view or for fishing. Tours include the St. Margaret's Bay and the Halifax harbour, which are both full of history, as well as whale watching. Boutiliers Point offers great food, great hospitality and activities such as swimming, kayaking, canoeing, bicycling, nearby golf, horseback riding and more.

Boutiliers Point accommodations include beautiful oceanfront cottages.

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Bay Breeze Motel & Cottages Hotel Boutiliers Point 6970 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd (Rte 3)
Larinda's Landing Oceanfront Cottages Long Term Boutiliers Point 7532 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd

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