Brookfield is located on the southern edge of Colchester County, in the central area of Nova Scotia. Brookfield was founded in 1784 by William Hamilton and Daniel Moore. The Presbyterian First Church was built in Brookfield in 1833 and the Highway (Hwy 2) was constructed two years later. The lumber industry started in Brookfield in 1901, but today the town is known more for its gentle, kind nature and lots of pride. As well, Brookfield is situated just 81.4 km (50.6 mi.) north of Halifax.

Brookfield is home to a golf course and the Camerons Brook Provincial Park, which provides visitors with many shaded picnic areas and a lake, which is also a hotspot for canoeing and fishing. The Atlantic Fly Fishing School in Brookfield offers one-day classes with provided lunches. Grab something to remember Brookfield by at Brally's Furniture and Décor, a unique shop that handcrafts and sells various décor. Brookfield is a tight-knit little community with lots to offer.

Brookfield accommodations include motels.

Scotia Pine Campground
Sunrise Motel, Restaurant & Lounge
283 Hwy 2
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