Central Grove is a member of Digby County, located on the Evangeline Trail of Nova Scotia's Long Island. Central Grove, hence the name, is centrally located on Long Island. Central Island was once known as Mesadek, named by the Mi'kmaq, and was first settled by Europeans in the latter half of the 18th century, specifically by one Nicholas Tibert. With time, the settlement would develop a Baptist Church, a post office and a school, all of which were erected in the 1800s. Central Grove relies on lobster fishing, which is its most productive industry. Central Grove is just 54.7 km (34 mi.) southwest of Digby.

Central Grove is home to the Central Grove Trail, which is a 1.6 km (1 mi.) trail that is fully functional in summer months. This beautiful trail includes lush forests and a rocky beach. Central Grove and area is comprised of basalt rock, and features a rugged coastline, a beautiful harbour, delicious dining, gorgeous scenery, tours to the whales and nearby tidal bores. Accessing Long Island requires a short ferry ride.

Central Grove accommodations include Oceanside cottages.

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Ruggles Guest Cottage Long Term Central Grove 2057 Hwy 217

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