Clark's Harbour is located at the most southern point of Nova Scotia, on Cape Sable Island. Clark's Harbour is a part of Shelburne County. The first people in Clark's Harbour, long before the Europeans, were the Mi'kmaq, who used the land for its excellent fishing location. Clark's Harbour was and still is a prominent fishing community, as key species include scallops, cod and lobster. Clark's Harbour is located 261 km (162.2 mi.) southwest of Halifax.

Nearby Clark's Harbour, the Archelaus Smith Museum offers insight into the history of Cape Sable Island. Clark's Harbour is the home of The Lion Monument, a 1906 sculpture created by sixteen year old, John Wilmot Nickerson. The Seaside Museum is a 19th century building with stellar architecture. As well, The Soldier's Memorial and The Fisherman's Memorial both pay respects to past heroes. Constructed in 1861, The Cape Sable Lighthouse offers a scenic view of the vast harbour. Clark's Harbour includes a boardwalk, various parks and places for bird-watching.

Clark's Harbour accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

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