Debert is situated in Colchester County, just off Highway 104, north of Cobequid Bay and west of Truro. At first, Debert was known as McCullochs Corner, named after James McCulloch. After McCullochs Corner, the town name was changed to Debert River and then finally Debert. The Mi'kmaq had referred to the Debert area as Wasokgek. Agriculture and lumber have been consistent industries in Debert.

In WWII, Debert was home to the Debert Military Camp and the RCAF Station Debert. These facilities trained large units that would eventually fight on the battlefields. After the war ended, many of the structures built for the use of the army were destroyed and reused to help construct other local buildings. Today, the airport at Debert is used as a training facility for pilots.

Debert is home to a Military Museum, which features Cold War bunkers and various knowledge of the history of Debert. The MacElmons Pond Provincial Park includes beautiful walking trails, a picnic park, a plethora of wildlife activity and glorious scenery. As well, the nearby Masstown Market is a great place to shop for unique, local and international foods, gifts, plants and liquor. Debert also exhibits a breathtaking seaside golf course. Debert is situated just 21.4 km (13.3 mi.) northwest of Truro.

Debert accommodations include hospitable motels.

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