Dingwall, located on Cape Breton Island, and a part of Victoria County, is located 84.7 km (52.6 mi.) from Baddeck. Dingwall is prodominently a fishing community, with a majority of its income coming from tourism. Dingwall, at one time, was actually called Youngs Cove, but was then changed by a local postmaster. In the 1940s and 50s, Dingwall was home to a gypsum Quarry, and when it closed down, many citizens moved on to find employment in other towns.

Dingwall is home the the Markland Coastal Resort, which in summer months, is a popular destination. Dingwall is a beautiful place, with mountains, the ocean and various other scenic pleasures. Dingwall offers Fiddlin Whale Tours and its location alone, makes it a hotspot for anyone looking for serenity.

Dingwall accommodations include bed and breakfasts and cottages.

Inlet Bed & Breakfast
473 Dingwall Rd
Markland Coastal Resort
802 Dingwall Rd
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