Dominion can be found on Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island, in the county of Cape Breton, on the southern shores of the Lingan Basin. Dominion, situated in the midst of a once thriving coal-mining area, was once known is Dominion No.1, named after a mine. Based on a Provincial Statute, Dominion No.1 was altered to just Dominion in 1906. That same year, Dominion would go on to establish "the Dominion News," a local newspaper. Today, the production of coal has subsided. Dominion is located just 18.7 km (11.6 mi.) east of Sydney.

Dominion is a historic community, and specifically features the Dominion Heritage Building, a 19th century school with displays, as well as a broad history of Dominion, including its important role in the coal industry. Dominion is also home to the Dominion Beach Provincial Park, which offers white sand and clean, clear waters, as well as sand dunes, a boardwalk and various water activities. Dominion is home to many beautiful birds, a glorious coastline and lush forests.

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