Englishtown is positioned centrally on Cape Breton Island. Englishtown is the destination of a 24-hour ferry service that runs back and forth to Jersey Cove on the opposing side of St. Ann's Harbour. A member of Victoria County, the community was named Englishtown in 1820, ironically, by Gaelic residents. With a modest population, Englishtown has a minor fishing industry. As well, Englishtown is a total driving distance of 65.2 km (40.5 mi.) northwest of Sydney.

Englishtown is home to the Gaelic College of Celtic Arts, which exhibits an insightful museum and a gift shop. Englishtown is also home to various boat tours, which explore the beautiful shoreline and the hilly landscape, as well as whales, sea-birds, dolphins, seals and even moose and bears. Englishtown also hosts a music festival that features Celtic music via fiddling. Englishtown is close in proximity to Baddeck, the home of Alexander Graham Bell and Sydney, the capital of Cape Breton.

Englishtown accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

Englishtown Ridge Campground
938 Englishtown Rd
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