Five Islands is a rural community, situated in Colchester County, on the northern shores of the Minas Basin. Located near the coast are five islands - Egg, Long, Diamond, Moose and Pinnacle - which the community is aptly named after. With tides sometimes reaching over 14 m (45.9 ft.), Five Islands is home to some of the tallest tides in the world. Industry in Five Islands includes a clamming factory, fishing and harvesting blueberries.

A Mi'kmaq myth is that the Five Islands were created from Glooscap, the Mi'kmaq god. Their god threw sticks, mud and stones at the land, trying to smother a mischievous beaver that got into a garden. They say the beaver turned to gold and is still somewhere under one of the islands.

The primary tourist destination at Five Island is Five Islands Provincial Park. Located on the Fundy shore, a provincial park is a scenic coastline getaway. While in the park, enjoy hiking, beachcombing, clam digging and kayaking. At a local campground, a lighthouse is on display, which had operated from 1914 to 1999. Five Islands is located 157 km (97.6 mi.) north of Halifax.

Five Islands accommodations include campgrounds and cottages.

Diamond Shores Campground
59 Seascape Lane
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