Fox River, a small Cumberland County community, is situated alongside the Fox River, a river of the same name. The first settler to arrive in Fox River was Captain John Hatfield, a British Loyalist who fought in the American Revolution and arrived in Fox River in 1784. He was a member of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers during the war. He died in Fox River in 1805. Today, Fox River is a minor fishing village, positioned 114 km (70.8 mi.) west of the World-renowned community of Truro.

Fox River is home to wide open ocean skies, the great Bay of Fundy and beautiful beaches. The Sail Shipbuilding Museum delves into Nova Scotia's prominent shipbuilding industry in the 1800s. Included at the museum, is a blacksmith shop, an old lighthouse and a restored church. Fox River is home to classic heritage buildings, swimming and sun bathing at either an Oceanside beach or inland beach, as well as fishing and hiking, among other activities.

Fox River accommodations include beautiful waterfront bed and breakfasts.

Beach House on Hatfield Road
144 Hatfield Road
Fox River Beach House
Long Term
385 Hatfield Rd
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