Gaspereau is a situated in Kings County, beside the Gaspereau River along Highway 101. The town name comes from the Gaspereau fish, which can be found in the Gaspereau River. The area was also called "Segoonumaakade" and "Magapekegechk" by the Mi'kmaq. Acadians arrived at Gaspereau in 1680 and the current name was given.

Gaspereau River is a productive agriculture town, home to numerous dairy farms and apple orchards, as well as a productive vineyard. Fishing is also a key industry in Gaspereau. Halifax is 92.2 km (57.3 mi.) south east of Gaspereau.

The Gaspereau River has become a well known place for tubing, as many locals and tourists flock to the river each summer. Gaspereau also has a canal, which transfers water from White Rock to a hydro station. The Canal is a tourism destination for swimmers and an annual rubber duck race. There exist many beautiful waterways, hiking trails, areas for swimming, canoeing, kayaking or simply relaxing by the shore. The winery industry has been growing with three vineyards: Gaspereau Vineyards, L'Acadie Vineyards and Luckett Vineyards.

Gaspereau accommodations include hospitable bed and breakfasts.

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