Glace Bay, on the eastern part of the Cape Breton Municipality, is located in a heavily populated portion of Cape Breton Island and is an industrial town. At one time, Glace Bay was the fourth largest urban area in Nova Scotia. In the 1720s, Glace Bay was inhabited by the French. Glace Bay was initially named Baie de Glace because of the frozen seas near the land.

Glace Bay has since been amalgamated, in accordance with the 1995 formation of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality. Today, Glace Bay is proud of its heritage, and though the industry has changed over the years, Glace Bay is still maintaining enough new industries to employ its population.

Glace Bay is a proud home to the Marconi National Historic Site, where Marconi produced the world's first wireless message to England. Visitors can learn all about this event and walk through the wireless hall of fame or walk to the transmission station Marconi used. The Cape Breton Miner's Museum will provide local insight into an actual mine, with exhibits and information regarding the history of the mine. The Glace Bay Heritage Museum provides another chance to learn more about Glace Bay. The sandy Dominion Beach is a perfect escape, offering hiking trails, a boardwalk and serenity.

Glace Bay accommodations include bed and breakfasts and inns.

Cedarwoods Bed & Breakfast
53 Turner St
Glace Bay Bed and Breakfast
2 Haley Dr
Vespers by the Sea Bed & Breakfast
17 Eleventh St
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