Glenholme is a small community, located in Colchester County, along the pretty Glooscap Trail (Highway 4). Glenholme is a waterfront community, found on the north eastern shores of Cobequid Bay. Glenholme is believed to have been named after the town of Glenholme in Scotland, which was changed by an act of legislation in 1909. Glenholme was settled in 1762 by James Flemming. A creamery existed in Glenholme until 1920, when it was closed down. Today, agriculture is the primary industry in Glenholme. Glenholme is positioned only 26.8 km (16.7 mi.) west of the popular community of Truro.

Glenholme is home to the ocean, a pretty coastline, hospitable people and lots of natural beauty. The Acadians of Cobequid is a historical organization that offers knowledge and insight into the local history surrounding Glenholme. The Elm River Park at Glenholme is a great place to spend the day, offering lots of woodlands to explore, and plenty of stimulation. Glenholme offers nearby swimming, hiking, biking and strawberry, blueberry and raspberry picking.

Glenholme accommodations include glorious campgrounds.

Hidden Hilltop
2600 Hwy 4
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