Glenville, as part of Inverness County, is situated along to Ceilidh Trail (Highway 19) of Nova Scotia's Cape Breton Island. Contrary to the vibrant colours surrounding Glenville, the town was once known as Black Glen. The earliest settler to receive a grant of the land around what is now Glenville was Ronald Kennedy, a Scottish settler who came to Glenville in 1827 via his vessel named Victory. Main industry in Glenville is agriculture. Glenville is located 153 km (95.1 mi.) west of Sydney.

Glenville is situated near Nova Scotia's largest fresh water lake, Lake Ainslie, a beautiful lake surrounded by lush green hills and limitless scenery. Visitors to Glenville will surely be inspired by the beauty of the land, the easy-going nature of its residents and the overall presentation of Glenville. The Glenora Distillery, Canada's only producer of single malt whiskey, offers insightful tours, fine dining, a pub, a gift shop and an inn. Nearby Glenville offers hiking trails, fishing, kayaking, bird-watching and much more.

Glenville accommodations include inns.

Glenora Inn & Distillery
13727 Hwy 19
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