Grand Narrows is a small community located in the county of Cape Breton, on the eastern shores of the Barra Strait, which funnels south into the great Bras d'Or Lake. Fittingly, the Mi'kmaq name for Grand Narrows is Taawitk, which means "where the water flows out." Early settlers were of Scottish origin, and arrived to the Grand Narrows area around 1804. Main industries in Grand Narrows include both agriculture and fishing. Grand Narrows is situated just 63.3 km (39.3 mi.) southwest of Sydney.

Grand Narrows is home to glorious sunsets, pretty scenery and a calming atmosphere. Possible options include swimming in the lake, hiking or walking trails, watching for unique birds, dining out, boating at the marina and more. Grand Narrows is conveniently located in the central portion of Cape Breton Island, making the community a great place to stay, especially for nearby activities such as visiting the Highland Village Museum, Gaelic festivals, a Miner's Museum, Eskasoni, which is Nova Scotia's largest Mi'kmaq reservation, and the Orangedale Railway Museum. Further outward, there is the city of Baddeck, the Louisbourg Fortress and whale watching.

Grand Narrows accommodations include bed and breakfasts that overlook the water.

Bras d'Or Lakes Hideaway Bed & Breakfast
601 Derby Point Rd
Old Grand Narrows Hotel B&B
11 Derby Pt Rd
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