Greenfield is a small village situated in Queens County, beside the Medway River along Highway 210. Greenfield was first settled in 1830 by Samuel Hunt Sr., but it wasn't until 1850 that the town name was changed from Ponoque, originally given by the Mi'kmaq, to Greenfield. The fact that the Mi'kmaq did not have a permanent settlement in Greenfield made it easier for Samuel Hunt Sr. to persuade the Mi'kmaq to trade the land to him for a large amount of his liquor.

Today, there is still an Indian Reserve south of Greenfield. Primary industries in Greenfield are fishing, agriculture and lumber, as in 1860 Greenfield was home to a plethora of wood mills and other various factories. Greenfield is located just 42.8 km (26.6 mi.) east of Lunenburg.

Greenfield is widely known as an excellent location for sport-fishing, both for salmon and trout. As well, travel to nearby Ten Mile Lake Provincial Park and go fishing for bass. The Greenfield Veterans Memorial Park includes a quiet picnic area, an information kiosk and pays tribute to past Canadian heroes. The Greenfield area is full of scenic beauty, numerous bodies of water, a calm, peaceful environment, heritage buildings and plenty of history. Greenfield offers swimming, canoeing, kayaking, hiking and more.

Greenfield accommodations include campgrounds and cottages.

Bear Falls Wilderness Camping
259 Bear Falls Rd
Molega View Vacation Rental
Long Term
1042 Labelle Rd, Molega
Ponhook Lodge Campground
PO Box 205
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