Herring Cove is conveniently situated on the south western shores of the Halifax Harbour. Originally, Herring Cove was called "Moolipchugechk" when the Mi'kmaq Indians were the only inhabitants of the area, then "Dunk Cove" after George Montague-Dunk, the second Earl of Halifax. Herring Cove was settled by Europeans sometime after Halifax, likely a result of the fast rise in population of the capital city. Fishing and tourism are both key industries in Herring Cove today. Herring Cove is specifically located just 14.9 km (9.3 mi.) south of Halifax.

Herring Cove is a great place to relax while fishing in your boat, or on shore at the dock. Herring Cove exhibits a pretty little harbour, fit for watching the boats sail on by or for watching vibrant sunrises. Go for a hike down one of many nearby trails, or hop on a bicycle and ride down the trails. As well, Herring Cove is just one hiking trail away from the "The Lookoff," which is a picturesque overhead view of the Halifax Harbour. At one point, the shoreline cliffs reach 100 ft. (30 m) above sea level.

Herring Cove accommodations include beautiful waterfront bed and breakfasts.

La Tribune Bed & Breakfast
135 Village Rd
Sal's Bed & Breakfast By The Sea
241 Village Rd
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