Hortonville is in Kings County, centrally located on Nova Scotia's mainland. Hortonville is positioned where the Gaspereau River exits into the sea. Past names of Hortonville include Grand Pre and Umtaban, which was coined by the Mi'kmaq, meaning "an overflowing flood."  Acadians were the first Europeans to claim the land, but after the expulsion of 1755, English settlers resettled at Hortonville in 1759, based on numerous grants. Hortonville derives its name directly from Horton Landing, which was a town name here instituted by the English in the 18th century, named after Horton Hall in Northhamptonshire. The most prominent industry in Hortonville is agriculture. Hortonville is positioned 83.8 km (52.1 mi.) northwest of Halifax.

Hortonville is nestled in the middle of lush green meadowlands, panoramic views of the coastline, dykes, vast amounts of pristine farmlands and Highway 101 and the Evangeline Trail. Hortonville is home to the Iron Cross, which honours the Acadians with a memorial and monument. Enjoy calming walks, bicycling, swimming at the nearby Lumsdun Dam, beautiful parks, fishing, fine dining, the New England Planters Monument and a nearby beach which offers swimming, beachcombing and much more.

Hortonville accommodations include cottages.

Green Fields Vacation Cottage
Long Term
57 Wharf Rd
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