Lake Charlotte is situated in Halifax County, alongside Marine Drive (Highway 7) on the southern shores of a lake of the same name. Lake Charlotte was named to commemorate Princess Charlotte, Augusta of Wales, by Legislature. The name change occurred in 1937 to avoid potential confusion with the post office. Lake Charlotte was first settled in 1819 by a group of Loyalists, who received 1250 acres of land. Lake Charlotte is just 61.7 km (38.3 mi.) east of Halifax.

Lake Charlotte is the proud home of the Lake Charlotte Memory Lane Heritage Village. This historic village simulates life in Nova Scotia in the 1940s, and includes numerous 40s-style buildings, farm animals, food at an old cookhouse, an opportunity to ride in a 1949 vehicle or on an old-style bicycle. Visitors can enjoy numerous beaches, hiking trails, swimming in Lake Charlotte, kayaking, canoeing and infinite amounts of beautiful scenery.

Lake Charlotte accommodations include motels.

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Clam Harbour Beach Motel Hotel Lake Charlotte 11470 Hwy 7 Request Info
Webbers Lake Charlotte Motel RV/Camping Lake Charlotte 738 Upper Lakeville Rd Request Info

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