Lake Midway is centrally located in the northern portion of Nova Scotia's mainland, looking out into the Grand Manan Channel. Lake Midway was formed around 1788. The town name appears to be a descriptive one, as Lake Midway is positioned roughly midway between Sandy Cove and Centreville. Lake Midway is just 25.8 km (16 mi.) southwest of Digby.

A nautical disaster occurred off the coast of Lake Midway in 1946, after the SS Robert Cann sunk, killing all but one passenger who managed to survive the elements long enough to reach the shore. In this sad and touching story, the lone survivor, Captain Arthur Ells, managed to actually trek through the woods after his raft carrying his dead crew members reached the shores. In blizzard-like weather, he finally reached a house at Lake Midway and the home owner called the paramedics.

Lake Midway is an excellent place to go for a hike, a bike ride and even cross-country skiing in the winter months. As well, enjoy canoeing, kayaking, swimming, fishing, whale watching, hunting and boating among other possibilities. The Lake Midway Provincial Park is a great place to stop and have a picnic, fish for trout and explore the terrain. Travel to nearby Digby on the scenic Evangeline Trail shoreline drive and experience a rich culture and vibrant tourism destination.

Lake Midway accommodations include pristine waterfront cottages.

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