Lower Argyle is a waterfront fishing village positioned near the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia, as part of Yarmouth County. Originally, the Mi'kmaq name for the area was Popkoktek, which meant "always running down."  The town of Argyle was established in 1771 and incorporated in 1879. Captain Ranald MacKinnon came to the area in 1765, and named it after his home town of the same name in his native country of Scotland.  He received a grant here for 2000 acres. 1895 saw the area develop a railway that connected to Yarmouth. Main industries in Lower Argyle are fishing and farming. Lower Argyle is 6.8 km (4.2 mi.) south of Argyle and 33.9 km (21.1 mi.) southwest of Yarmouth.

Lower Argyle is home to glorious oceanfront views that overlook the Bay of Fundy, numerous islands, a vibrant harbour, lots of coastal wildlife and vast amounts of scenery. As well, Lower Argyle is rich in Acadian culture. Located on the renowned Lighthouse Route, Lower Argyle is near the Pubnico Point windmills and right next to the White Head Lighthouse. Lower Argyle is also known for its picturesque sunsets. Enjoy boating, fishing, fine dining, sightseeing and much more.

Lower Argyle accommodations include seaside cottages.

Ye Olde Argyler Lodge
52 Ye Olde Argyler Rd
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