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Peggy's Cove - an Idyllic Maritime Fishing Village
It is virtually illegal not to visit iconic Peggy's Cove when visiting Nova Scotia.


Mahone Bay is a beautiful little town situated on the northwest shore of Mahone Bay. With a population just over 900 people, this little nook hasn't grown much in population since it was first settled in 1754, but it has flourished in beauty. Its first descendants were German, Swiss and Montbeliardais. An 18th century cemetery in Mahone Bay even portrays gravestones inscribed in German.

Known for having a spectacular view of its three waterfront churches, Mahone Bay's appearance alone attracts tourists. Visitors can golf, cross-country ski, sail, kayak, or simply enjoy Mahone Bay's little pleasures, such as romantic restaurants and full service spas. Mahone Bay holds annual festivals, such as the Classic Boat Festival, the Great Scarecrow Festival and the Father Christmas Festival. Music can be heard all summer long at the three churches.

Mahone Bay accommodations offer many comfortable bed and breakfasts, inns, hotels and cottages.

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Bayview Pines Country Inn
Bayview Pines Country Inn
678 Oakland Rd, Indian Point
Mahone Bay
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Located just 6 km from the town of Mahone Bay, this guest accommodation offers a private strip of beach on the bay. Guests can hike or use the guest accommodation's bikes for cycling on the nearby paths. An on-site library is available and kayaking on the bay can be arranged. Every accommodation offers a view of the ocean.
Amber Rose Inn B&B Mahone Bay 319 West Main St Request Info
Beach Finds B&B B&B Mahone Bay 662 Main St
Countryside Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 28 Silver Point Rd
Echo Bay House Long Term Mahone Bay 335 Sunnybrook Rd
Edgewater Bed & Breakfast and Sea Loft Cottage B&B Mahone Bay 44 Mader’s Cove Rd
Fairmont House B&B B&B Mahone Bay 654 Main St Request Info
Fisherman's Daughter B&B B&B Mahone Bay 97 Edgewater St
Fishermans Daughter Bed and Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 97 Edgewater St Request Info
Heart's Desire Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 686 Main St Request Info
Kip & Kaboodle Tourist Accommodation Long Term Mahone Bay 9466 Hwy 3 Request Info
Langille's Loft Long Term Mahone Bay 567 South Main St Request Info
Mahone Bay Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 558 Main St Request Info
Mermaid Close Cottage Long Term Mahone Bay 17 Madashack Rd, Middle Cornwall Request Info
New-Found Guest House Long Term Mahone Bay 180 Hamm’s Hill Rd, Blockhouse Request Info
Ocean Trail Retreat Hotel Mahone Bay 9278 Hwy 3 Request Info
Once in a Blue Moon Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 136 Pleasant St Request Info
Pleasant Dreams Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 33 Pleasant St
Red Door Bed & Breakfast B&B Mahone Bay 381 Main St
Three Churches Cottage Long Term Mahone Bay Oakland
Three Thistles B&B and Apartment B&B Mahone Bay 389 Main St Request Info

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