Malignant Cove, contrary to its name, is a heavenly piece of land that's situated on the northern shores of Nova Scotia's mainland. Malignant Cove is also a part of Antigonish County. Named after a war vessel called the Malignant, Malignant Cove is where the vessel was swept to shore in a severe storm. Many survived by reaching the shore; however, some would die in the harsh winter weather following the accident. Main industries in Malignant Cove are farming and fishing. Malignant Cove is just a short drive to Antigonish and 210 km (130.5 mi.) northeast of Halifax.

Malignant Cove is home to the Malignant Cove Beach, a calm area with pristine natural beauty. Go for a picnic at the Cape George Lighthouse, which overlooks the ocean water. If the skies are clear, Prince Edward Island is visible off in the distance across the sea. Nearby activities include water sports, bird watching, rock hounding, beachcombing or simply enjoying nature via walking the coast or trails. Malignant Cove inspires artists and photographers with plenty of stimulating images and a grace not found anywhere else.

Malignant Cove accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

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