Masstown is situated on the eastern corner of the Cobequid Bay, and is a member of Colchester County. Masstown was first settled by Acadians in 1705. Then, the Acadians named the community Le Pariosse. The Acadians also built dykes that covered most of the shores near Masstown, which they used to enhance their farming capabilities. Masstown is the site of the first ever Acadian church In Nova Scotia, which was built in 1738. Today, farming is the main industry in Masstown, which is positioned 23.9 km (14.9 mi.) west of Truro.

Masstown is the proud home of the Masstown Market, which offers much in terms of fruit and vegetables, as well as a bakery and a restaurant. Of course, Truro is just down the road and is a thriving tourism destination. Ski Wentworth is minutes away, and is a thrilling skiing experience offering numerous trails, daily and weekly passes, ski lessons and a plethora of other activities. Masstown is positioned by the Glooscap Trail, and features pretty views of the coast and the bay.

Masstown accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

Masstowner Motel
10639 Hwy 104
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