Mavillette is located near the western-most portion of Nova Scotia's mainland, along the Evangeline Trail (Highway 1) looking out on the Bay of Fundy. Mavillette, a small community, is part of Digby County. Mavillette was first settled by Acadian Europeans sometime around the turn of the 19th century. It's believed that Mavillette is a rough translation of Mauviette, a French word that means "field lark." Notable industries in Mavillette have been both agriculture and fishing. Mavillette is situated 299 km (185.8 mi.) west of Halifax.

Mavillette is the proud home of the Mavillette Beach Provincial Park, which is an elongated sandy beach (about twenty minutes to walk from one end to the other) consisting of a boardwalk, dunes and fresh ocean air. The water is excellent for swimming at low tide. The June Deveau art gallery, near Mavillette, is a unique Acadian art gallery that features the work of June Deveau, mostly oil-crafted art. As well, visitors can explore the depths of the ocean floor, via the Acadian Divers and Outfitters. Items for rent include scuba diving equipment, kayaks and canoes. As well, Mavillette boasts excellent Acadian-style restaurants, which include local seafood and live acts.

Mavillette accommodations include hospitable inns.

A la Maison d'Amitie B & B
197 Baseline Rd
Cape View Motel and Cottages
124 John Doucette Rd
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