Middleton is located on the Annapolis River in Annapolis County and was incorporated in 1909. Located nearly in the middle of the county, Middleton is a focal point for transportation, including Highway 101 and Trunk 10. Founded by New England loyalists, Middleton was a centre point for agriculture and was heavily influenced by CFB Greenwood in Kings County.

Attractions in Middleton include the town clock, which is said to have been developed in 1400 BC, by Babylonians, but a water clock replaces the sundial, which is less accurate. The clock is one of three in North America. The Railway Museum and MacDonald Museum both provide Canadians a nostalgic lesson in our history. Visit the Holy Trinity Church, where first settlers set foot to pray inside this masterful, centuries-old building. Watch the Chimney Swifts birds, a unique bird that flies in groups of 500 into the big chimney at 18 Gates Avenue in mid-May and mid-August. Middleton parks and trails are a scenic, quiet escape for those interested in time away from today's hectic lifestyles.

Middleton accommodations include bed and breakfasts, inns, motels, cottages and campgrounds.

Middleton Accommodations Listings

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Century Farm Inn (c 1886) B&B Middleton 10 Main St
Fundy Spray Motel Hotel Middleton 443 Main St
Hannam House Bed & Breakfast B&B Middleton 145 Commercial St
Just Dropping Inn Bed & Breakfast B&B Middleton 44 School St
Mid Valley Motel & Restaurant Hotel Middleton 121 Main St
Mystic Maples Bed & Breakfast B&B Middleton 2350 Bloomington Rd
Orchard Queen Motel & R.V. Park RV/Camping Middleton 425 Main St
Rocky Shores & Seals Cottages Long Term Middleton 506 Waterfront Lane, Cottage Cove

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