Mill Cove, located on the eastern edge of Lunenburg County on the western shores of St. Margarets Bay, can be reached traveling down the always picturesque Highway 103. Mill Cove was settled around the years of 1832, and was later named after a lumber mill. In 1967, Mill Cove would become Canada's newest naval communications base, but in 1995 the base was closed due to financial cutbacks. Mill Cove is a central location for those traveling to and from Lunenburg and Halifax. Mill Cove is 55.8 km (34.7 mi.) west of Halifax.

Mill Cove Beach is considered by many as one of the nicest beaches in Nova Scotia, and is a short, scenic drive from both Halifax and Lunenburg. Visit the dock and see all the beauty of the Mill Cove harbour, including docked boats and the local history. Go fishing, swimming, boating or sunbathing in Mill Cove, or even just spend a day in Mill Cove and soak up all the natural beauty.

Mill Cove accommodations include cottages.

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Mill Cove
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