The name, Musquodoboit Harbour, derives from the Mi'kmaq people, and means "rolling out in foam at its mouth." Musquodoboit Harbour, part of Halifax County, is situated 45 km (28 mi.) northeast of Halifax, on the Eastern Shore near Musquodoboit River. Musquodoboit Harbour was founded by Loyalist in the 1780s.

Musquodoboit Harbour is home to the Musquodoboit Railway Museum, commemorating past railways and their history, with five railway cars and other artefacts. Musquodoboit Harbour is situated between two Provincial Parks and the Musquodoboit River, which offers a picnic area and canoe access. Dollar Lake Provincial Park is a hotspot in the summer, with an abundance of secluded areas, and a beautiful lake for water-skiing, canoeing and swimming. Martinique Beach offers walking paths, a boardwalk or swimming, as well as bird watching and beachcombing.

Musquodoboit Harbour accommodations include hotels and motels, bed and breakfasts, inns and campgrounds.

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Old Riverside Lodge B & B B&B Musquodoboit Harbour 98 Riverside Ave
Ostrea Lake Haven Cottage Long Term Musquodoboit Harbour 1630 Ostrea Lake Rd
The Spinner's Loft B&B Musquodoboit Harbour 1626 West Jeddore Rd, West Jeddore
The Tourist Trap B&B Musquodoboit Harbour 8384 Hwy 7
Schooner Landing B&B and Cottage B&B Head of Jeddore 85 Schooner Landing
Sir Knatten Cottage Long Term Head of Jeddore 9749 Hwy 7
Spinner's Loft B&B Head of Jeddore 1626 West Jeddore Rd

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