Newellton is located on Cape Sable Island, on the southernmost tip of Nova Scotia. Newellton is part of Shelburne County. The land at Newellton was initially inhabited by the Mi'kmaq. The Acadians on Cape Sable Island were expelled in the 1750s, after being settled on the island for nearly one and a half centuries. The island was again settled after the expulsion by New England Planter. It's believed Newellton derives its name from the Newell family, which ventured to Newellton in 1812. Fishing has always been the key industry of Cape Sable Island. Halifax is 258 km (160 mi.) northeast of Newellton, driving down Highway 103.

Newellton includes a beautiful view out to the great Bay of Fundy, a scenic coastline and much more. Enjoy swimming in the ocean, or soaking up the sun on one of the many sandy beaches nearby. Newellton also offers canoe and kayak rentals, exploring five different nearby islands, via hospitable, friendly tours. Walking and hiking trails lead to many glorious lookout places. As well, rare wildlife, lighthouses, golf courses and beautiful heritage buildings exist near Newellton.

Newellton accommodations include seaside cottages.

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