Noel is a quaint little town, situated within Hants County at the northern shores of Nova Scotia's mainland. Noel was built in the 1700s, and as it stands today, the origin of the actual town name is unknown. Many families named Noel moved to Hants County in the 18th century and it's believed the name may have come from one of them. One of the largest wooden sailing ships known to man was built in Noel and sailed in the Noel Harbour. Noel is located 88.1 km (54.7 mi.) north of Halifax.

Noel is home to the Burncoat Head Park and Lighthouse, in which visitors can enjoy the beauty of the local lighthouse, lush gardens, trails, picnics, or if you prefer, lay back and soak in your surrounds and watch some of the world's biggest tides flowing back and forth. Various other activities in Noel include fishing, hiking or visiting the Noel Shore. As well, walk Noel's streets and take in the history of this 18th century town.

Noel accommodations include cottages.

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