The region Parrsboro currently resides in was once known by the Mikmaq travelers as 'Awokum,' which means 'short-cut' or 'passing over point.' Acadian settlers came to Parrsboro in 1670, but were expelled in 1755. In place of the Acadians, New Englanders took over the land and titled it Parrsboro, as it stands today, on behalf of Governor John Parr in 1784. The town was incorporated in 1889.

Parrsboro was known for coal mining, and became a coal shipping port for various mines, including Saint John, New Brunswick. In 1958, after a decline in productivity and a closed down train station, it seems enigmatic that the 1958 Mining Disaster would occur. Parrsboro is also known for one of the greatest fossil finds in history. The discovery took place just outside Parrsboro, on Partridge Island, 100,000 pieces of 200 million year old fossils were tallied.

Parrsboro offers a Geological Museum, a Ships Company Theatre, and the Ottawa House Museum. Enjoy golfing, looking at art and lounging around this beautiful town while watching the highest tides in the World. The Guinness Book of World Records states that the highest tides in the world belong to the Minas Basin. Parrsboro is the largest port in Minas Basin, with tides averaging 13.86 m (45.5 ft.).

Parrsboro accommodations include bed and breakfasts, inns, tourist homes and campgrounds.

Evangeline's Tower Bed & Breakfast
22 Main St
Gillespie House Inn
358 Main St
Glooscap Campground & RV
1300 Two Island Rd
Hochwasser Bed & Breakfast
2330 Western Ave
Maple Inn
2358 Western Ave
Parrsboro Mansion Inn
3916 Eastern Ave
Riverview Cottages
Long Term
3575 Eastern Ave
The Sunshine Inn
4487-4489 Hwy 2
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