Pomquet, largely a French community, is located in Antigonish County, and was founded somewhere between 1772 and 1774 by Acadian settlers. Five Acadian families, the Doirons, the Broussards, the Vincents and the Lamarres, founded Pomquet. These five families were originally deported from Nova Scotia to P.E.I. Later, they returned to Nova Scotia, this time from Saint Malo, France. By 1817, new settlers began arriving in Pomquet. Pomquet is located 226 km (140 mi.) from Halifax.

Pomquet prides itself on being a friendly town. Located by a Provincial Park, Pomquet offers residents trails for hiking and biking, as well as wildlife and rare plants along dunes 1000 years old. Pomquet Beach is a beautiful sandy beach. Pomquet offers many annual celebrations, such as the Acadian Festival, an annual festival, or the Salmon suppers in the parish hall, parades, Canada Day celebrations, the Assumption, an official Acadian national day, live music and delicious foods.

Pomquet accommodations include bed and breakfasts, inns, cottages, hotels, motels and campgrounds.

Beaver Dam Farm
Long Term
71 Melanson Rd
Piping Plover Bed & Breakfast
212 Pomquet Lake Rd
Pomquet Beach Cottages
Long Term
198 Pomquet Beach Rd
Porter's Bed and Breakfast
RR #7
The Sunflower/ Le Tournesol
Box 1572 Monk's Head Road
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