Port Dufferin is a member of Halifax County, along Marine Drive (Highway 7) on the south eastern shores of Nova Scotia's mainland. Port Dufferin was named after Canada's Governor General, Marquis of Dufferin, and was previously known as Salmon River. Port Dufferin was founded in the early 1800s, as the land was owned by Jacob Barkhouse, John Whitman, and John Harding. A lobster factory was constructed in 1883, as fishing and agriculture are the main sources in income in Port Dufferin. Port Dufferin is 131 km (81.4 mi.) east of Halifax.

Port Dufferin is home to the Moose River Gold Mines Provincial Park. This wonderful, historical park is known mostly for a mining disaster that occurred in 1936, but today boosts a monument commemorating the lost life of one Herman Russell Magill, as he and two others were trapped inside for ten days. Port Dufferin also offers saltwater and freshwater fishing, swimming, beachcombing, hiking and pristine Oceanside views of the coastline, numerous islands and infinite skies.

Port Dufferin accommodations include waterfront hotels and motels.

Black Duck Ocean View Country Inn
25245 Hwy 7
Marquis of Dufferin Seaside Inn
25658 Hwy 7
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