Port Medway is situated on the shores of the Medway Harbour, as a part of Queens County. Port Medway was once known as Port Maltois, but that name was later replaced with the current one. The area of Port Medway was settled in the mid-1700s by New England settlers looking for a place to fish and trade. In the 1800s, shipbuilding was a key industry at Port Medway, but lumber and fishing are prominent industries today. Port Medway is small in stature, and can be reached traveling 21.3 km (13.2 mi.) northeast from Liverpool on Highway 103.

Port Medway is next to the picturesque Cherry Hill and Broad Cove Beach, which can exhibit massive waves, particularly suitable for surfers. The Port Medway Lighthouse Park features a glorious 1899 lighthouse, a boardwalk, a picnic area and lots of coastline scenery. Glorious Mud is a unique art gallery that portrays various types of fine art by Susan Bunten and Arne Borgensen. Visitors to Port Medway can also enjoy walking and hiking down peaceful trails, kayaking, canoeing, swimming or simply relaxing by the ocean or in the scenic wilderness that surrounds Port Medway.

Port Medway accommodations include cottages.

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