Port Morien is a seaside town, located on the north eastern corner of Cape Breton Island. Port Morien, a part of Cape Breton County, is on the east side of the Sydney coal field. In the 1720s, Port Morien became the first ever North American town to have an operating coal mine, which was originally trenched by French soldiers in the era of the construction of the Louisburg Fortress. After coal mining dissipated in the area, Port Morien would move into farming and fishing, as today Port Morien is a modest fishing town. Port Morien is approximately 31.8 km (19.8 km) east of Sydney.

Port Morien offers the Cape Perce Nature Tours, which includes two different hiking trails, both featuring pretty scenery and animal sightings. Enjoy digging for clams, walking the coastline, invigorating sunrises, kayaking and canoeing along the captivating shore, walking through the historic, storied village and visiting local shops. Nearby sandbars are excellent spots for a picnic, or for swimming and playing in the water or even building sand castles.

Port Morien accommodations include beautiful bed and breakfasts.

Dock Y'ur Dory Tea Room & Guest Suites
Long Term
2845 Hwy 255
Port Morien Rectory B&B
2652 Morien Hwy
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