Port Royal is a small community situated on the northern shores of the Annapolis Basin in Annapolis County. Port Royal was first discovered by European settlers Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Monts and Samuel de Champlain in 1605. Excluding Florida, Port Royal was the first European settlement in North America. Port Royal was a major focal point during the King William's War, and was inhabited by French cruisers and Indians that were opposed New England colonies. In 1690, Port Royal would be brutally destroyed by New England forces. The French officially ended their reign over Port Royal in 1710, after the British attacked the village in what is known as Queen Anne's War.

Port Royal is a storied village and thus its biggest attraction is the Port-Royal National Historic Site. This site is a reconstruction of the French fur-trading post built in 1605 by Samuel de Champlain and Sieur de Monts, and was revamped by the Canadian government in 1939-1941, making it the first historic sight in Canada. This attraction includes a detailed, informative tour of the site, theatrical performances and North America's first social club, the Order of Good Cheer.

As well, Delap's Cove Wilderness Trail features three different trails, the Bohaker Trail, Charlies Trail and Shore Road Trail. Granville Beach is a wonderful summer hotspot as well. Port Royal is just 7.5 km (4.7 mi.) to the west of Annapolis Royal.

Port Royal accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

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