Reserve Mines is located in the Sydney coal mining area, as part of Cape Breton County, just minutes north of the Sydney Airport. Originally, Reserve Mines was created by a mining association for its location, and was put on reserve until deemed a worthy working area. Reserve Mines became a functioning coal mining settlement in 1860 until about 1955. Reserve Mines received a stretch of railway track in 1874 that led all the way to Lunenburg. Today, Reserve Mines is a modest working community, no longer a coal producer. Sydney is positioned just 15.7 km (9.6 mi.) southwest of Reserve Mines.

Reserve Mines is close to all the attractions, including Sydney, the airport, the Cape Breton Highlands, Baddeck, the beautiful Bras d'Or Lake, the Atlantic Ocean and the stunning Cabot Trail. Reserve Mines offers horseback riding down a total of 5 km (3.1 mi.) of lush scenic trails. The Passchendaele Golf Club is a carefully designed, vibrantly colourful course with pretty waterways and stunning scenery.

Reserve Mines accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

Becky's Bed & Breakfast
208 Main St
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