Riverport, on the scenic Lighthouse route, at the mouth of the Lahave River, is situated in Lunenburg County. Riverport, on the South Shore, was founded by the Foreign Protestants. In the 1800s, Riverport was a thriving fishing and shipbuilding town. Riverport was a place of rum running during prohibition, running alcohol into America. Riverport is located 109 km (67.2 mi.) west of Halifax.

Riverport annually hosts the Riverport Rum Running Fishing Derby in the second week of August. As well, the Ovens Natural Park, located in the area of the great 1861 gold rush, is a large 200-acre park with many natural caves meant to be explored. A small museum is located in the park, as well as a campground and numerous offered activities. Cunard's Beach offers gold panning, as well, you can learn about gold panning at the on-site museum. Let Creaser's Cove Boat Tours guide you to the LaHave Islands via the picturesque LaHave River.

Riverport accommodations include campgrounds.

Ovens Natural Park Family Campground
326 Ovens Rd, Feltzen South
Ovens Natural Park Oceanview Cabins
Long Term
326 Ovens Rd, Feltzen South
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