Scotsburn is a small village, situated in Pictou County, just west of Pictou near the northern shores of Nova Scotia's mainland. Scotsburn can be reached on Scotsburn Road (Highway 256). Scotsburn was once known as Rogers Hill, named after John Rogers, a settler in the area at the turn of the 18th century. "Brook of the Scots" is what Scotsburn stands for; the town was renamed by Nova Scotian Legislature in 1867, the same year Scotsburn was established. Scotsburn has lost two schools in separate fires, occurring in 1915 and 1929. Scotsburn has played a key role in the dairy industry, and is also a fishing community. Scotsburn is positioned just 13.2 km (8.2 mi.) west of Pictou.

Scotsburn is a hospitable, friendly place to go for a fishing trip, visit nearby hot springs, observe the heritage buildings and see the pristine views of the Northhumberland Strait and the coastline. Truro, neighbouring Scotsburn, is a historic village full of activities such as visiting museums, golfing, going on tours, experiencing fun festivals, enjoying nature parks and all the sights. Scotsburn is an ideal place to unwind and relax with nature.

Scotsburn accommodations include campgrounds.

Stonehame Lodge & Chalets
310 Fitzpatrick Mountain Rd
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