Shag Harbour is one of the southern most towns in all of Nova Scotia. Shag Harbour is also positioned on the scenic Lighthouse Route, a shoreline drive that looks out to the Bay of Fundy. Shag Harbour is also a member of Shelburne County. Back in the 1600s, the land at Shag Harbour included a trading post. Shag Harbour wasn't truly settled until 1785, when a small group of settlers set up homesteads here. Fishing has always been the most successful industry at Shag Harbour. The community of Shelburne is precisely 58.2 km (36.2 mi.) northeast of Shag Harbour.

Shag Harbour is home to a rather unusual event that occurred 1967. A UFO crash apparently occurred near the shores of Shag Harbour, receiving front page news at the time. Not surprisingly, the craft was never found, but a yellow liquid was apparently discovered in the waters.

Beyond peculiar sightings, Shag Harbour offers much more in terms of sights, such as a breath-taking shoreline, glorious views of the Bay of Fundy and wide open ocean skies. Shag Harbour is home to the Chapel Hill Museum and Observation Tower, which offers panoramic views, including four visible lighthouses, as well as artefacts, various records and insight into the local history. Shag Harbour features many different advantageous locations that offer great views of the landscape here. Shag Harbour is also home to sandy beaches, trails, fishing and much more.

Shag Harbour accommodations include bed and breakfasts.

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