Springhill, located in Cumberland County, was once called Springhill Mines, after its heavy production of coal. Incorporated in 1889, Springhill's economy was almost solely based on the production of coal. The adequately titled 'Springhill mining disaster' is a reference to three different disasters, each in Springhill and all fatal. Respectively, 125, 39 and 74 coal miners were killed. The final disaster would prove to be the end of mining in Springhill. Certain aftermath included survivors appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show, U2's Bono singing a song about the disasters at live shows and numerous books were published. Medals of honour were handed out to heroes, as one Maurice Ruddick, was named Canada's Citizen of the Year.

Canadian star, Anne Murray, was born in Springhill, making the town an attraction for big fans, especially with The Anne Murray Centre, which pays tribute to the international star. The Springhill Miners' Museum commemorates the fallen and honours those involved in the catastrophe. The Raven Haven Beachside Park offers swimming at the beach, pedal boat rentals and more. In the summer, Springhill also offers a goalie camp for anyone interested in fine tuning their puck stopping skills. Springhill is full of history and scenic beauty, and is located 180 km (111.8 mi.) north of Halifax.

Springhill accommodations include motels and bed and breakfasts.

Rollways Motel & Restaurant
9 Church St
Sugar Maple Bed & Breakfast
886 Rodney Rd
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