Summerville, situated on the banks of the scenic Avon River, is a part of Hants County. In 1784, Summerville was first settled by Captain John Grant, a United Empire Loyalist with origins in Strathspray, Scotland. Grant received a large, 3000-acre grant that was eventually divided into nine different lots and sold. There is also evidence that claims the Acadians lived in the Summerville area before the arrival of John Grant. In the mid-1800s, shipbuilding was a key industry in Summerville. However that quickly subsided with the end of wooden ships. Summerville is located 79.1 km (49.2 mi.) north of Halifax.

Summerville is home to the Avon Emporium Café Flower Garden, which is surrounded by lush flowers and offers a variety of delicious dishes. Summerville also has a variety of heritage homes, the Quarry Park, gardens and a vast history all to its own. Summerville is home to the Summerville Beach, which is a glorious seaside getaway.

Summerville accommodations include inns.

Shipwright Inn
Hwy 215
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