Upper Clements, a small community, is located in Kings County on the southern shores of the entrance to the Annapolis River. Upper Clements is positioned alongside the Evangeline Trail (Highway 1). At one time, Upper Clements was known as Ryersonville, but that name didn't last. Original settlers to Upper Clements were French Acadians, but after the expulsion, an English settlement began in 1784. Key industries in Upper Clements are fishing and agriculture. Upper Clements is situated approximately 211 km (131.1 mi.) west of Halifax.

Upper Clements is home to the Upper Clements Park, which is the biggest amusement park in Atlantic Canada. The Upper Clements Park features a roller coaster, waterslides and more than twenty other rides and various attractions. Upper Clements also features a wildlife park, including bald eagles, deer, moose, bears, ponies, coyotes and more. As well, numerous walking and hiking trails can be found near Upper Clements. Upper Clements is minutes from the historic town of Annapolis Royal, which exhibits many heritage buildings, Fort Anne, various tours and theatre.

Upper Clements accommodations include campgrounds and cottages.

Champlain Motel
3289 Hwy 1
Upper Clements Cottages
Long Term
3067 Hwy 1
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