Walton is positioned in East Hants County, on the shores of the Minas Basin. Walton was first know by the Mi'kmaq as Wosogwesoogwode, and then by settlers as Petite. By 1837, the town was known as Walton in honour of James Walton Nutting. It was evident that Acadians first settled in Walton because of un-kept dykes and an old mill that were still visible in the late 19th century. Main industries in Walton are fishing and farming. Walton is located 82.6 km (51.3 mi.) west of the popular tourist town of Truro.

Walton is an excellent place to get away, offering beautiful white sand beaches, a waterfall, lush parks, wildlife, pretty coastlines and the vast ocean sky. The Glooscap Trail is a scenic shoreline drive. Some of the world's tallest tides exist at Walton as well as many excellent fishing areas and hiking and biking trails. Fossils are often discovered in the Walton area. The Walton area exhibits many Acadian-style heritage buildings, museums and diving tours, as well.

Walton accommodations include bed and breakfasts

Whale Creek Campsite
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