Named after Sir John Wentworth, a Lieutenant-Governor from 1792 to 1808 in Nova Scotia, Wentworth is situated in Cumberland County in the northern region of Nova Scotia's mainland. Benjamin Betts was one of the first known settlers to the area, as he arrived in 1810, based on a grant for land where Wentworth rests now. Wentworth is north of Truro, a popular tourism destination, by a total of 53.3 km (33.1 mi.)

The Fox Harbour Provincial Park Beach, just outside Wentworth, is an excellent place to relax in the sun, go for a swim or make sand castles in the red sand. As well, the park includes trails, a picturesque backdrop and plenty of nature to discover. Wentworth is a prime choice for skiing, as well as night skiing, and features twenty one trails that include cross-county trails. The Wentworth ski resort also offers snowboarding and tubing. Nearby there is golf at the Sunrise Beach Golf Club and glorious mountain biking trails.

Wentworth accommodations include beautiful inns and cottages.

Ogilvie's Farmside Retreat
Long Term
1375 Hunter Rd, RR1
Wentworth Valley Inn
14962 Hwy 4
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