Westport is a small village, incorporated as a town in 1946 that is situated in Digby County. Westport is located on Long Island, and must be reached via ferry. Westport was first settled in 1769 by David Welch, his family and the Morrell family. Fourteen years later in 1783, more United Empire Loyalists settled in the Westport area. Westport is the home of Joshua Slocum, the very first person to sail around the world alone; a monument in Westport commemorates his achievement. A key industry in Westport is lobster fishing. Westport is just 67.1 km (41.7 mi.) southwest of Digby.

Westport is home to numerous guided tours to such places as the basalt cliffs, cruises for fishing and spotting humpback whales as well as bird-watching. The Norwood Boat Tours takes visitors to a whale feeding ground, which often results in daily sightings. The Brier Island Ocean Study is an organization that monitors and researches the exceedingly fertile North Atlantic waters, and also includes a research and data collection cruise. Explore the vast Bay of Fundy, visit the coastline or see the phenomenon known as tidal bores.

Westport accommodations include inns, motels and a hostel.

Westport Accommodations Listings

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Bay of Fundy Inn Long Term Westport 137 Second St
Brier Island Backpackers Hostel Long Term Westport 225 Water St
Brier Island Lodge & Restaurant Hotel Westport 557 Water St
Dock & Doze Motel Hotel Westport 353 Water St

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