The City of Sydney

The city of Sydney is often referred to as the unofficial capital of Cape Breton Island.  Much of the island’s population lives in and around the Cape Breton Regional Municipality which includes Sydney and much of the smaller towns and villages in Industrial Cape Breton.  It is also the place that most incoming visitors will experience first and it is worth the extra time to spend a day visiting the many attractions that are located in the city.

There is a couple of museums in the downtown area of Sydney including St. Patrick’s Church and Cossit House in the North End.  A historical haunted hike is also offered during the summer and fall months in this part of the city.

Many restaurants are located in the downtown area including Governor’s, Flavor, Trio and Amedeo’s.  A casino is located on Geroge St. and there is a restaurant located on-site there as well.  The casino also plays host to a number of events and concerts throughout the year.  Charlotte St., The main street in the downtown core, and surrounding streets are where one can find most of the small boutique shops, gift shops and clothing stores.

Wentworth Park is located in the center of downtown and is a great place to relax and enjoy a nice day.  A popular coffee shop, Wentworth Perk, is located just across the street.  The Sydney Boardwalk is another popular meeting area that makes for a great place to spend a sunny day or warm summer evening and, often times, there is entertainment such as buskers and concerts throughout the year.  The nearby Government Wharf is the site of the world’s largest fiddle and The Joan Harris Pavilion which is home to a museum showcasing the cultural and industrial history of the island and several gift shops.

Andrea MacEachern is a freelance travel writer and amateur photographer living in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

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